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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in trouble. he was disciplined for comments he made in a variety of cases, including comments about the state of pennsylvania, children, and in cases he heard before the courts. he was put on the bench in 2002. that will be significant because in october, he will be up for reappointment to the bench. obviously what happened to him last week when he was removed because of the domestic violence case and the treatment of the woman in that case, is why he has been put on the sideline. what we have learned in our follow-up is that it is rare for judges to get fired. what we have learned from the judicial system is that since 1973, three judges have actually been permanently removed from the bench. only 11 times have there been
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recommendations for judges to be removed. a lot of viewers might ask what happened to them after they heard the audio in which he spent 32 minutes when this woman was seeking a protective order, he spent most of the time questioning her modus and criticizing her decisions. what we have found today is that since 1973, only three judges have been removed by the court of appeals. back to you in the studio. >> a man pleaded guilty to nine counts of mortgage fraud. rodney getlan accepted fees for those modifications into payments but did not return the funds over to banks. prosecutors are seeking 30 years in prison. some of the victims lost their homes to foreclosures while others lost thousands of dollars. the defense is seeking a sentence and requesting a
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psychological evaluation. >> how come all the sudden he has a mental problem? his only problem is feeling sorry for himself and what his future is going to be. he deserves whatever is given to him. >> he is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on december 3. >> an arrest in the death of a teenager killed in a motel parking lot. police say devante moore pull the trigger that took the life of kelvin glasgow. surveillance video link into the murder weapon. it happened on august 19 when authorities were called to the ramada inn on baltimore national pike. that is where a fight broke out involving multiple people. a guilty verdict for two and. prosecutors say frank williams and william or plotted to killed -- kill rodney.
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the sentencing is set for next month and prosecutors are recommending life in prison without the possibility of parole. sentencing is scheduled for october 12. >> a big change at the democratic national convention. organizers say the threat of severe weather forced them to move president obama's acceptance speech from a football stadium to a smaller air arena. >> the speech is said to tomorrow night. sally has more on the story. >> although they did not pull the trigger, we feel like if you are an individual -- >> ok. obviously that was the wrong package. we will try to get back to you. malia and sacha are flying in for the event. that will be fun.
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>> the o's are tied for first place with the new york yankees and they reach the high point in style, crushing toronto 12-0. right now we're going to go to rob who is enjoying the weather among some die-hard fans. >> i tell you what, is a big night. i am in front of camden yards and caught ripken jr. will become a legend. he will be inducted tonight. it is a big night here. tomorrow night they will end of the statue of cal ripken jr. here at the ballpark. plus, the yankees are coming to town. and the o's are tied for first place. >> for fans in mind today, and these are exciting times. >> roger davis at the wall, and goodbye, home run. >> you knew what was going to
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take a while. but now we have a roster that is incredible. >> it is exciting. >> absolutely. >> who are these guys? who are these guys? it is crazy. >> it is great for the city and the fans. >> are you getting tickets today? >> i already have them. >> some of the games are already sold out so any tickets that are left are being grabbed quickly. >> are they next to each other? >> some are already buying playoff tickets. >> i have been waiting 14 years for this. i am a season-ticket holder. i continue to be one and this is what i want.
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playoff tickets. >> and you are buying them. >> this is the money right here. >> cal ripken jr.'s statue will be unveiled at the ballpark. you can see it is all wrapped up. there is also rumors of another statue of a sports legend that will be joining the statues here. right now, no one is talking. >> i guess a little bit of wishful thinking. we will never see that come to reality. the good news, the o's are tied for first place. the yankees come to town tomorrow night and tonight they play toronto. if that is not enough, what about the reagans? the season begins monday night and gery sandusky is that the power plant. >> the energy is starting to build it as the ravens get to set to kick off monday night. the nfl season kicks off
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tonight where the new york giants host to the dallas cowboys. the cheerleaders are here as well as reagan's hands waiting for the dance in baltimore. the ravens kicking off their 17th season on monday night and that means 17 seasons for ray lewis and he is still delivering a but. he has lost 15-20 pounds from a year ago. he said the game has changed but -- so he has changed. >> well, i am going back again. this is good times. these are the times you can do what ever you want to do. what ever you want to work on, you work on that. there is something to do. it is a motivation. >> every year is a motivation because you love the game. the game is competition.
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>> before the game comes the party and the countdown and that means a countdown to kickoff coming your way. 7:00, we will bring you all of the energy and we will be joined by a linebacker as we get you set for the season opener. >> a big change in the plans at the democratic national convention. the threat of severe weather forced them to move the acceptance speech from an outdoor stadium to a smaller indoor venue. >> there will be a lot of disappointed people. the speech is set for tomorrow night. >> hit the president will be speaking here in this arena where the rest of the convention proceedings are taking place. it holds about 15,000 people. that is a fraction of the crowd democrats were hoping to attract tomorrow night.
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>> the show will go on. just not that the bank of america football stadium. crews are breaking down the stage, packing away the chairs. >> we all have to make do. >> officials say the threat of severe weather prompted the move but some say concerns about filling the stadium may have played a role. >> it might be a convenient weather report that allowed us to make this decision. >> officials say more than 65,000 people had applied for credentials. most of them all have to watch the speech on tv. >> i tried to get credentials. i would do anything to see him. >> president obama arrived in the afternoon while michelle obama made the rounds. >> we are going to have to roll up our sleeves, get it done.
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62 days is nothing. >> the official roll call takes place this evening followed by the nominating speech delivered by bill clinton. >> obama is going to get a good speech out of bill clinton. how hard is he going to hit for obama? the other question is, how hard will he hit mitt romney? other news come and organizers say the traditional balloon drop scheduled for after the speech tomorrow night will not be taking place because of this venue change. they are looking for another way to finish out the evening. >> that there is much more ahead on 11 news at 6:00. >> progress for the shooting victim. a conversation with his father. >> a few showers and thunderstorms on hd doppler.
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the insta-weather plus forecast is coming up next. 88
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools...
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real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> warm air but only a few isolated thunderstorms mostly on the eastern shore. moving over into central delaware and a share crossing the bay as well. it has been quiet around baltimore. a shower is moving in.
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the bigger storm is now tracking through delaware across the delaware bay. so far it is quiet. a warm afternoon. isolated thunderstorms may be possible for the next few hours and that you can see, some thunderstorms are tracking into southern maryland. once again, southeast of baltimore, the main threat through the evening hour. it was hot today. the almanac will show you a high temperature of 91 degrees. the normal would only be about 28. 82 is the normal high today. we were nine degrees warmer than normal. 77 degrees this morning. that ties the record for the warmest low temperature. the normal is 62. 15 degrees below normal end you set a record. so far, it ties the record for the warmest low. still warm for most areas
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tonight. 80's around the region. slightly cooler in the mountains where temperatures in the 70's. mid-60's in the suburbs. the risk of a thunderstorm for a summit hours and then some fog is forming. this week, a boundary is triggering the storm as the air comes out of the gulf. another front is near chicago. these will not cool things off the next couple of days. there is a stronger surge of cool air in canada. next week it will feel more fall-like but in the meantime we will deal with more conditions and thunderstorms. watch this system trying to develop. about a 40 percent chance that could morphed into a new tropical storm. if it does, it will be called nadine. tomorrow, a 87-92. another hot day with a risk of a
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thunderstorm. winds will be light on the bay. waves about a foot. temperature is warm tomorrow for this time of year. cooling off a little bit for friday and the upcoming weekend. the eastern shore, hot and humid. it 20% chance tomorrow. 90 degrees for the next couple of days. 88 on friday. the insta-weather plus forecast, temperatures above normal for thursday and friday. shower chances increase saturday afternoon and taper off sunday morning. next week is looking nice. >> the condition of the school shooting victim is improving. danielle is now listed in serious condition. >> his father sat down with tim today to talk about his son and the incident that made national headlines. more on that now.
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>> of this progress looks -- he walked around the hospital for lunch, two cheeseburgers, and has been spending time with his ipad. there is still a ways to go. just a while ago, you got to visit with your son. tell me about his condition today, right now? >> he had breakfast. he got up and took a lap around the pool. >> take me back to that monday. you had gotten a call. what you did not know until late tell me when you got the word. >> i got a call that it was daniel. what was daniel? my son told me, daniel was shot.
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i had my moments, but i knew at that point it was not time for that moment. >> we cannot talk about the accused. but what are some of your thoughts in terms of how this has taken place and how this has impacted your family? >> as far as the accused, absolutely no thought, no comment. nothing. my entire focus is on my son. and my other kids and rosemary, that they get through it. >> he tells me he is counting on more prayers that have come in and he is hoping they will continue. he says the family is hoping that daniel will come home soon.
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>> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> right here it will be the giants and cowboys and on monday night, the ravens against the cincinnati bengals. behind me, ravens and are turning out. we'll have entertainment throughout the show. they will be here forever -- from our special coming up. for the reagans, monday night against the division rivals, the cincinnati bengals. the last time they met, it was ray rice running for a 70 yard touchdown out of the gate. on route to a season win with
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home field advantage. they will have it again next year because of the wide receiver. a second year stand up. he will be electric and positively dependable. something you do not think of a rookie but you think it now when you see torrey smith. >> i have not talked about any of that. i have not. monday night is always great. we are looking forward to it. it is a big deal. fans will be excited. i will be excited, too. >> coming up, we will bring you downtown to the kickoff. and we will be joined by another linebacker. live for what has been a remarkable week, getting their first start underway on monday, the orioles in first place tonight.
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>> we will take a look at what they did just a day -- did yesterday. it is incredible the way he is hitting the ball. that catapulted the orioles to a victory yesterday. he stopped by wbal radio and i had a chance to talk with him. despite the fact is 82, he is still very much in contact with the orioles. >> the orioles are making it as exciting as it can possibly be. they do not have a powerhouse. they have been doing it one player at a time, one game at a time. one guy comes into tonight and another guy tomorrow night. it has been fantastic.
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>> the orioles honor their history so well. the statue with cal ripken. >> the magic is back. stick around. tom tasselmyer has the seven day forecast.
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>> the maryland department of agriculture is taking action after the first death from west nile virus. details on what it is planning following nbc nfl kickoff game featuring
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>> 90 for a couple of days. showers over the weekend.
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>> thank you for joining us, everybody.
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